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Dutch Design Week 2016 Recap

During Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (October 23rd – 26th) we participated in exposing one of our pieces of our Solar Collection and discussing design with no one other than Queen Máxima. Dutch Design Week is the base of innovation, inspiration and talent. Every year national and international designers, entrepreneurs and admirers gather in Eindhoven to share their work and creative thoughts. We hereby share with you the highlights that made this 15th edition of the Dutch Design Week extra memorable!

Making Your World

When you’re talking design week you’re talking exhibitions. What we took away from Eindhoven were wonderful images and a head filled with inspiration. This year we gave our own addition to this experience by showcasing our super-duper Solar Windbreaker to the Making Your World Exhibition. We gained an invaluable experience taking part in sharing knowledge and inspiring others. Thank you DDW for including us!

Royal Lunch

This design week sharing literally turned into a royal gathering. Being able to share knowledge, values and ideas with others is what keeps creative minds flowing. A phrase the Dutch queen seems to agree on. For that reason, she took place at the lunch table next to eleven Dutch talents pushing the boundaries in design, and Pauline was privileged to attend too. It turned out to be a riveting morning, discussing everyone’s take on the future of Dutch design.

“What characterises Dutch design to me, is the ability to combine conceptual thinking with a pragmatic approach. I think this is what makes it very successful in addressing issues and problems in society, but also creates space to think even further and use imagination to make tangible the implications of present-day developments and dares to ask new questions.” – Pauline van Dongen