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Phototrope Running Shirt

Last weekend Pauline van Dongen and her running crew introduced our newest design: ‘Phototrope, an illuminated running shirt’.
 During the Nike Women’s Run, our team of five expert runners brightened up the dark streets of Amsterdam during a 10k race organized at nighttime. The team didn’t go unnoticed and got cheered at along the way by the crowd as well as fellow runners who got excited by the design.


Incorporating light in textile is a wearable technology concept that has long been a source of interest and inspiration for Pauline van Dongen. The new light shirts that were worn by each of our team members, originated as a follow-up project after the Mesopic Light Jacket. Just like Mesopic, which was realized in 2013 through collaboration with Philips Research, the new designs feature LED ribbons smartly integrated in the garment. Resulting in a stunning design that stands out in a low-light environment.

As a frequent runner herself, Pauline, got frustrated to wear an illuminated armband or by seeing people wear those flashy reflective vests. As a designer, blending technology and fashion in a desirable way, she felt the need to create something better: a shirt that increases your visibility at nighttime while also creating a cool and distinct look that motivates you to perform even better!