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This project was originally initiated by the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. As sustainable development together with an honest approach to craftsmanship, the use of alternative materials and less-seasonal view on fashion have gained necessary attention amongst entrepreneurs and emerging designers. New luxury demand is slowly shifting from brand worshipping to longer lasting and more sustainable products.

The project aimed to support the current outstanding Dutch and Belgian talents working in this particular field and encourage development and the sharing of knowledge. By utilising traditional knotting techniques and creating strong modern lines, Pauline van Dongen designed three outfits from leather mostly. The outfits were completed with 3D printed neckpiece, developed in collaboration with Freedom Of Creation and a pair of shoes with plexi glass heels were created by the waterjet cutting technique.

Through the reinvention of traditional craft with usage of alternative materials, new technologies and local and renewable sources, these products may help the fashion industry to minimise the impact on the environment as well as the overproduction. This kind of ecological decision making is gaining more and more followers among the customers in the Netherlands and Belgium which put these countries at the forefront of a new fashion trend.
Photography: Mike Nicolaassen
Hair & Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek
Model: Marije at Anka Models