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Mesopic is a project developed in collaboration with Philips Research, which aims to increase human visibility and safety measures in low-light outdoor environment. Human photoreceptors allow visual acuity and resolution under well-lit conditions. However, when moving in dark surroundings, the visual experience is based solely on the signal of sensitive rod cells. This project centres itself around the idea of being surrounded by light and empowered by visibility.

Mesopic is a slightly silver and half transparent jacket inspired by the night-time urban environment. The design is characteristic of a lightning experience of smooth, blurred and almost pixelated, yet clear lights. Philips’ textile LED ribbons have been integrated in the fabric, resulting in a light-emitting jacket that brings night running experience to the next level. The light has been integrated in such a way that direct lighting is avoided, resulting in a subtle and effective glow reflecting from the illuminated body. The jacket translates into a desirable design that can be worn during the day, with an added aesthetically pleasing functionality during night time.

Model: Rebecca at 77models
Hair & Make-up: Sunanda Koning
Developed in collaboration with Philips Research