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Wool Diaries


Wool Diaries is a project initiated by Woolmark Company and organised by Premsela and the Textile Museum Tilburg, which brought into collaboration Hyperspace three designers: Borre Akkersdijk, Oda Pasuma and Pauline van Dongen. The designers were carefully selected to bring natural materials brought on the forefront of fashion.

By using the qualities of wool, fabrics that can be moulded around the body have been designed and created. Resilience – being one of the properties of wool – has been used to develop a pleated wool fabric which was later transformed into a sculptural dress. In-between the pleats, a rectangular shape has been woven on two layers, which, when cut open on the edge, creates a tunnel that accommodates the body. The rectangle is surrounded by pleats, which can be shaped naturally around the body and thereby almost no waste is created and only little confectioning is needed. Separate knitted panels have been constructed into a modular final design. Cords can be threaded through openwork stitches on the edges to assemble the pieces in different ways.

Photography: Wouter Vandenbrink @ Eric Elenbaas Agency
Styling: Maarten Spruyt @ House of Orange / assistant Maaike Strengholt
Models: Anine/Paparazzi
MUAH: Yvonne Nussdorfer/Angelique Hoorn
Concept: Maarten Spruyt&Wouter Vandenbrink