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Meet our latest design project, Ruff.

Ruff is the result of a three-week collaboration with architect Behnaz Farahi. The research project, which took place in Los Angeles during January this year, has been initiated as part of Pauline’s PhD program ‘Crafting Wearables’


Ruff is a 3D printed responsive wearable, created from the designers’ shared interest in enhancing the interaction between bodies and their surrounding environment. Ruff takes its name from the protective folded collar popular in Western Europe from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century that can often be seen in portraits of the period.

Ruff reveals how wearables can be imbued with responsive and dynamic properties, and endowed with almost life-like behaviors.
For Ruff the mechanical principles of springs were explored in order to create resiliently moving structures by means of solid 3D printing. Various topologies and surface modification enhanced the aesthetic expression of the spiraling form as well as to control the types of motion it could afford around the body.

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Video by: Nicolas Cambier

This design has been developed with the support of: 3D Systems,, Crafting Wearables, USC Cinema School