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At Holst Centre we create smart textiles with printed electronics that are thin and flexible – like this antenna – to make clothing interactive.
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Printed electronics for smart textiles
Holst Centre is a Dutch research centre specialized in the development of printed electronics. Unlike regular electronics, these circuits are thin, lightweight, flexible and even stretchable. Thanks to these properties, they are extremely suitable for making smart tex- tiles. Moreover, an additional advantage is that you can think of these electronic films as a trim, that is highly customizable and can be easily integrated in a garment using the well-known assembly procedure of heat-bonding.

At Holst Centre we develop concepts in collaboration with companies from the whole value chains, such as material suppliers, fashion and sportswear brands and garment manufacturers. We focus on a wide range of technologies, like vital sign monitoring (ECG, bioimpedance, SpO2), pressure and temperature sensors, lighting, solar technology and haptic technology (vibration). By combining our technical knowhow, our design expertise and a human-centred approach we aim to create smart clothing that enhances human vitality, resilience and empowerment.

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Thank you for visiting our Smart Textiles Pop-up Lab at Munich Fabric Start.

KH_PopupLab_70x200.inddSolar Shirt: Solar cells embedded in textile to create energy harvesting garments.

Figure3_NiraxxNiraxx headband: infrared light therapy for stress relief.


Figure 5_CLSAF
Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion: vital sign monitoring shirt designed in collaboration with Marina Toeters of