Technology is not the starting point of our designs, it is never about ‘technology for technology’s sake’. Our designs begin and end with the body, or even more specifically: a moving body in space.

Pauline van Dongen

About the studio

Pauline van Dongen is a Dutch fashion designer specialised in smart textiles and smart clothing. As a creator intrigued by the notion of interactivity in fashion, she researches the human body in relation to its surroundings. She is fascinated by concepts of change, movement, energy and perception, as she believes the future of fashion lies in its premise to be dynamic and changing.

She established her design studio in 2010, which since then has received international recognition and is consistently involved in a diverse array of projects that span various disciplines, locations and collaborators. Immersed in the dynamic intersection of fashion and technology, the studio is dedicated to collaborative, cross-disciplinary work that enables innovation and experimentation to take the form in a truly wearable and desirable product and tactile experience.


At the studio, we believe that technology can add new value and meaning to fashion as well as generating new forms of expressions that enhance the way we experience the world through our clothing. Driven by materials, experimentation and research we create tactile interfaces that move with and for us. To achieve this, our design process places a strong emphasis on materiality and the way it is capable of enhancing expression. The fact that we can now program it pixel by pixel, allows us to design new types of behaviour and create materials that can actively play on the body. The language and expression of the body give form to the garment. This establishes an intimate and personal connection with the wearer, thereby turning technology in an intuitive notion.


We are the go-to partner for the development of innovative and cutting edge products at the intersection of fashion, textile and technology. All of our work is based on an interdisciplinary work with industry, research centres and brands. Through knowledge, expertise and access to a large ecosystem, we provide the optimal conditions for the creation of an engaging and commercially viable product. We provide an artistic and visionary approach, all the while grounded in reality.

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We like to thank the Creative Industries Fund NL and NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for their invaluable support. We also would like to thank the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for supporting our SUNTEX R&D project.