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The Phototrope top was developed in collaboration with Phillips embodying designers sportswear as an illuminated medium. The top was successfully tested at various night running events. This project allowed studio Pauline van Dongen to create a new form of interaction between the body and the environment around us.

The illuminated running shirt was designed to enhance the runner’s ability to respond to the change of light conditions and its surroundings. Phototrope incorporates LED ribbons, hidden behind soft and flexible TPU foils. Through their prismatic structure, they refract the light of the LEDs in a vibrant and subtle multi-coloured manner. Illuminating qualities contribute to the experience and awareness of the space around the body and improve the experience on a psychological and aesthetic level. When worn during the day, the foils add a novel and distinct look and materiality to the domain of sportswear.

The aim of the shirt is to improve the safety of the wearer and by doing so boost the experience of running at night. Phototrope makes the user feel more comfortable in a dark environment, improving the physical performance, also helping to interact with others around us through its positive impact on the group dynamics of a running team.

A special thank you to: Schoeller Textiles

Photography: Hammond Images