Skynfeel Apparel

A conceptual long jumpsuit

material research, speculative design, auxetics, sportswear


A conceptual long jumpsuit


In collaboration with SKYN® Condoms, studio Pauline van Dongen created SKYNFEEL™ APPAREL. It is a one-of-a-kind conceptual long jumpsuit for elite athletes made out of SKYNFEEL™

With a cutting-edge design drawing inspiration from biomimicry, SKYNFEEL™ APPAREL sets out to minimise body limitations and bring extra air time to the long jump athlete.

Photography: Ola Krondahl
Video: Ola Krondahl


The garment features dragonfly wing-inspired flaps located on the edge of the body, constructed out of a thin layer of SKYNFEEL™ and reinforced by a geometric laser cut grid. Designed with the long jumper’s technical capabilities in mind, the flaps stay flat during the run, opening up during a jump – just as the athlete twists his arms and straightens his legs. The aerodynamic design creates an upward lift that enables long jumpers to stay in the air longer.


Working with the SKYNFEEL™ material has been a way for both our studio and SKYN® to explore the possibilities in future performance athletic apparel. The material easily moulds in any shape and contains properties of being extremely lightweight and strong at the same time. This paves the way for innovating sportswear and creating an ultra-lightweight garment that could help long jumpers perform better.

At Pauline van Dongen we design and develop smart textiles and clothing in a holistic way. We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge with others to jointly change the current fashion system that relies on unethical and unsustainable practices and causes devaluation of clothing.