Solar Windbreaker

Playing with the elements

solar fashion, weaving, recycling, outdoor


Playing with the elements


During ebb-tide, the surroundings of The Wadden Sea Islands located at the north of The Netherlands, turn into a wide fallow scape offering the opportunity to walk and explore the soil ground of the sea.

Tour-guides of the Wadden Sea Society introduce all types of hikers to the beauty of the era in different types of expeditions, which can take 2 to 10 hours away from vast land. To improve the experience of these expeditions, Wadden Sea Society asked us to join forces with sustainable clothing brand Blue LOOP Originals to design a garment which can provide their tour guides with a solar-powered jacket, offering both comfort and functionality.

Photography: Roos van de Kieft
MUAH: Rosa van Koningsbruggen


Striving for the lowest possible impact on the environment as possible, the graphite coloured fabric of the jacket is made of up-cycled denim yarns by Blue LOOP originals, combined with a recycled polyester and a waterproof finish. Aiming for high-functionality, the jacket integrates 5 pockets, is waterproof and has a hood, which can be stored behind a zipper in the collar.

Charge anydevice

With a power-bank placed directly in the lining of the jacket, the windbreaker allows the user to charge any kind of portable device from phone (about 2 hours charging time) to camera and GPS navigation in any kind of weather.

At Pauline van Dongen we design and develop smart textiles and clothing in a holistic way. We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge with others to jointly change the current fashion system that relies on unethical and unsustainable practices and causes devaluation of clothing.