Flip-Dot Dress

A kinetic, sound-responsive garment

magnetism, interactive, sound, performance


A kinetic, sound-responsive garment


The Flip-Dot Dress, made as an investigation into the undulating surface of the body, portrays the visible consequences of human actions. Herein, interactivity combined with precise craftsmanship aim to create a precise topography of the body.

This interactive garment was developed together with Daniel Schatzmayr, electrical engineer and robot hacker. The dress is built using the principle of actual flip-dots, which react to the sound and are individually addressed by a computer to animate mesmerising patterns spinning around the body. These kinds of dots are commonly used in flip dot displays; an electromechanical dot-matrix display used for large outdoor signs. The movement of the dots is reminiscent of waterfalls or bird flocks, which swirls around the earth’s surface. Their physical presence and tactility emphasised by their sound is something that digital technology nowadays often lacks. The design was developed as part of an artistic residency at the Museum Quartier in Vienna. The Flip-Dot dress premiered during the End Symposium of the Techno Sensual Exhibition, which was curated by Anouk Wipprecht.

Photography: Mike Nicolaassen
MUAH: Angelique Stapelbroek
Model: Ellis at Fresh Model Management

Video by Hammond Images, Hair and Make-up: Sunanda Koning, Model: Rebecca at 77 Models

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