A dialogue between traditional craft and innovative technologies

generative design, personalized clothing, 3D printing


A dialogue between traditional craft and innovative technologies


Be-tween is a collaborative research project by studio Pauline van Dongen, Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, Troy Nachtigall, SLEM Waalwijk and the Technical University of Eindhoven.

It represents a future outlook of the fashion industry, challenging its status quo.

Be-tween manifests itself in a complete outfit for the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science for the occasion of Prinsjesdag. The multi-disciplinary team put together innovating designs pushing the possibilities of wearable tech to the next level.

Photography: Tomas Mutsaers


Resembling how fashion can be variable and dynamic, the outfit combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies. The dress and shoes are both based on a 3D body scan – created with a generative design software named ‘Grasshopper’. With this software, patterns and structures were developed with algorithms, allowing us to apply the designs on a body scan and to create a made-to-measure outfit. Together with the 3D printed bag and a hat, the outfit shows how the continuous interaction between body and materials creates new forms of expression in which material is no longer static.

Video by Hammond Images

At Pauline van Dongen we design and develop smart textiles and clothing in a holistic way. We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge with others to jointly change the current fashion system that relies on unethical and unsustainable practices and causes devaluation of clothing.