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To fortify the body in re-establishing its natural demeanour, the collaboration between Elitac and Pauline van Dongen has resulted in a smart top entitled FysioPal. FysioPal aims to help avoid health issues and rehabilitate the body caused by incorrect postures and upper-body positions.

FysioPal functions as a second skin that measures haptic signals around the neck, shoulders and back of the body. The FysioPal product consists of a top with integrated hardware, designed to be worn under regular clothing, and a smartphone app which visualises collected data on the wearer’s body posture. When the wearer succumbs to an unhealthy posture, the smart tank top communicates a gentle reminder through vibration to rehabilitate the body position. Thanks to the sensorial properties and communication software, FysioPal is ideal for one to wear during office hours.

Photography: Wouter le Duc
MUAH: Sophie Theenaart