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The Solar Parka design has been made in collaboration with the Wadden Sea Society and Blueloop. Serving the purpose to provide shelter and comfort, studio Pauline van Dongen incorporated off-grid renewable energy to what the studio calls: ‘Wad Walkers’. During low tide, the Wadden Sea Society organises guided tours at the bottom of the sea, introducing people to the vegetation and animal life of the area.

These outdoor wearers make the Solar Parka stand out in its function. The design thrives when surrounded by nature’s elements. The Solar Parka integrates one waterproof, thin and flexible solar panel, buttoned on one of the front pockets of the coat. When under the sun, the solar panel generates enough energy to fully charge a smartphone battery within two hours, keeping all ‘Wad Walkers’ connected while touring the unique area.

Photography: Jan Willem Bullée